What is the Game Industry looking for in new hires?!

Over the past year, we interviewed REAL game developers to find out.

The Project

Four students. One professor. Nineteen questions.
We emailed, bribed (we didn't, but we would have), and then emailed some more. We got replies and we did interviews.
We came up with 19 hard-hitting questions that get right down to what we all want to know: what the are they looking for, and how the heck do I get hired.

With the data and samples we collected, we created this website where you can listen to all the interviews question by question. Not an artist? May not want to check out the art-related questions. You get the idea.

We wrote an article too, and a big research paper, which you can download here:

        or get the pdf       
        or get the pdf       

The Team

Advisor, Joseph Farbrook: Professor of Art and Interactive Media and Game Development at WPI. Serving as an intermediary between the professional game industry and an academic institution that strives to train students who wish to enter this field, he has taken part in conferences and discussions on this subject matter and has been interested in further investigative research of the game industry in general. His artistic research includes using video game engines to create virtual art installations as well as exploring the intersections between video, video games, and sculpture.
Derrick Barth: Computer Science 2012 - A transfer student with a wide range of work experience, including an internship in the video game industry. Has a strong interest and passion for the philosophy and social issues surrounding technology, specifically video games and human-computer interaction. Game-related interests include experimental game design, storytelling, and player immersion.
Andrew "AJ" Lindstrom: Computer Science, Interactive Media & Game Development 2012 - A junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has a love of video games and a passion for programming. Also has an interest in designing gameplay and AI elements.
Eric Prouty: Computer Science 2012 - A junior at WPI, member of the varsity Swimming and Diving team, and interning for Juniper Networks. Currently working towards becoming a software engineer, and has an interest in AI and tool development. While not particularly working towards a job in the game industry, has always had an interest in video games and worked on a few game related projects.

Eric Walston: Computer Science, Interactive Media & Game Development 2012 - A Senior Assistant for the Computer Science department at WPI and Tutor for the Academic Resource Center. I'm most interested in procedurally generated content and procedural game design but also enjoy graphics and network programming.